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Title: For the Community.
Post by: raikua on January 16, 2017, 04:47:17 PM
These are a list of recommended Games that have been mentioned in Global Chat. I will continue to update as we go. Feel free to share your two cents, review those listed here, or recommend others. And a reminder that we have a Palringo Room under [Please Stay Calm]. If you have trouble finding the room, post your Palringo ID here, and I or someone here will find and invite you.

Quote from: GC Recommended Games
 Pixel Starships
Mobile Platform: iOS. Global Chat. Private Messages. Highly recommended by Nano.
Bonus, GC is free! And can PM anyone who is your friend. Warning, a little buggy.
Summary: "PSC in Space."

Last Empire War Z
Mobile Platform: iOS/Android. Global Chat. Alliance Chat. Syncs to multiple devices. Recommended by many folks in GC.
Group is in State 430. Coordinates x601 y843. Alliance PSC.

Marvels Contest of Champions
Mobile Platform: iOS/Android. Free Global and Alliance Chat. Private Messaging.
Very Team oriented. Most events are team events. Highly Recommended by the folks of Cacapon State Park.
Played by many CSP Rangers, KSATers and a handful of others.

Deadwalk: The Last War
Mobile Platform: ios/android, has a chat

Road to Survival
Mobile Platform, GC and Faction chat. Teams are limited to 30 people. Lots of team events.
Go to Options -> Region -> And choose the server "Lamar"

Summoner's War
Mobile Platform: iOS/Android. Global chat and alliance available after lv 7. Multiple chat "channels."

Ark of War
Mobile platform: ios/android. Has a chat.

Down Town Mafia
Recommended by a random in GC. I missed their username.

Boom Beach
Mobile Platform, No Global chat. Task Force Chat only.

Toram Online
Mobile Platform, ios/android, MMORPG, Guild chats and shouts for same areas. Recommended by Tenda Foot.

If you would like to recommend a game, Please copy and paste this form and fill it out.
Code: (Game Form) [Select]
Name of Game: N/A
Platform: N/A
Is there a group chat?: N/A
How do we find you or your group/clan/alliance?: N/A
Brief summary of game: N/A

This thread is still in progress, and I've been slow at gathering information. Please chime in with any information, game reviews, that you can. Also feel free to post your usernames/group names/coordinates from any of them here. I can make a list and add them.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: raikua on January 16, 2017, 04:47:49 PM
[Reserved post for reviews and usernames]
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: raikua on January 16, 2017, 04:48:06 PM
Chat groups

So far we have the [Please Stay Calm] room on Palringo.

And the "Please Stay Calm R.I.P."  Click Here. (

Other cool threads on this forum.

Queen Dahlia's Avatar-Making Thread. For those who still want avatars to be tagged + Made.
Click Here. (

Want to say your goodbyes to PSC?
Click Here. ( For "State of the Nation."

Extra Stuff
Just cool things put out by the community that you might have missed, and worth a look.

Please Stay Calm Comic
Click here ( to read.

"Remaining Calm" Story
Click for Part one. ( The story originally started by Chyram of Terry Fox Elementary. She left the story unfinished but Agent D picked it up and continued it.
 Click for Part two. ( Agent D's continuation. The ending will be posted soon.
Just scroll down the pages of both to read from the beginning.

FEMA Journals
Click Here. ( A blog written journal entry style, complete with lost transmissions and interviews from fellow users.

Algiers Point Blog
Click Here. ( Of course, most of the "helpful" PSC charts and tips will be useless soon, however there are still a lot of things that you can enjoy on here even after the fact. Like the PSC Dictionary terms and the "Fun stuff" section that displays a lot of interesting Screenshots and things.

Click Here. ( The Niko Blog. Also includes absurd short stories revolving around the inmates.
Feel free to recommend anything else you think should be shared here.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Bloody Queen Sunshine on January 18, 2017, 07:55:01 PM
Fyi I don't think boom beach has global chat only in task force, so only members of same force can chat with each other.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: raikua on January 18, 2017, 08:16:31 PM
Fyi I don't think boom beach has global chat only in task force, so only members of same force can chat with each other.

Ah, I googled. You are right. No GC, Task force chat only. I'll update that. Thank you.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Bloody Queen Sunshine on January 19, 2017, 07:52:35 PM
Clash of clans has a global but its poo. Clans hold up to 50 members so if you get an active clan chat is cool.
There are clans with PSC players already in it. Both android and iOS compatible. I think there's even a PC emulator but I have no experience with it.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Michuru on January 20, 2017, 09:20:12 AM
I snagged some of these games and gave them a shot. Some I liked. Some I didn't. Here's my thoughts:

Empire Z
I dislike the phrase “Zombie Apocalypse”. “Apocalypse” literally means “revealing” or “revelation”. It’s only become synonymous with the end of the world because of the Book of Revelations. In the Bible, John gets a vision of how things end. It’s “The Apocalypse of John.” That’s it. “Zombie Revealing” sounds dumb. I prefer “Zombie Outbreak” or “Human Diaspora”. I digress, though. Empire Z is set during the Human Diaspora. Society has crumbled in the face of the undead uprising and you’re a survivor, looking to carve out some measure of protection against the putrefying horde. Still, it’s very un-PSC. For one, it tries to be grim and gritty. There are no zombie penguins here (that I’m aware of) and it seems to take a smidge more strategy.

Marvel: Contest of Champions
The Collector has gathered nearly everyone from the Marvel Universe (Howard the Duck is in the game, but where is Slapstick?) and is making them duke it out. There you go. That’s the game. 

Pixel Starships
Okay, so… confession time? I have never played Halcyon 6. I like you, MDI, I really do, but… my laptop is older than my 8-year-old nephew. I’m still rocking Windows Vista. My experience with PC games tends to involve a lot of frustration as it does not run optimally. That being said, Pixel Starships is what I imagine Halcyon 6 is. Actually, there are people on Reddit suggesting Pixel Starships as a mobile alternative to Halcyon 6: “It’s not as good but it might scratch the itch”. That being said, if you’re one of the people who like Halcyon 6 (traitors), you might like this. I guess.

Summoner’s War
It’s sort of like Pokémon in a high fantasy setting. You have a team of monsters of varying elements that are basically playing rock-paper-scissors with each other. The monsters are all mythological beings: pixies, imps, chimeras, werewolves, cowboys… As you battle, you find scrolls that let you summon a new, random monster. You level them up and feed them to other monsters to bring out hidden potentials, all so you can use said monsters to beat up other players’ monsters.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Wichita1 on January 20, 2017, 05:07:36 PM
Mich, for MCoC, the fights are relatively easy in the beginner chapters. It gets WAY harder as you progress.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Niko Bacon on January 20, 2017, 06:01:07 PM
Road To Survival is good, especially for Any "Walking Dead" fans, its sorta based on the comics (Sorry Daryl Fans)

Pros: Quick Paced, Very Frequent Team and Individual Events

Cons: Lots of grinding for gear, Events have little variety, and the game is divided by servers. so there are lots of PSC players there but they're hard to find unless you know where to go.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: pattichan on January 24, 2017, 05:22:23 PM
Hi Mich-

Just to clarify, we are playing "Last Empire War Z", not Empire Z.  They probably have a lot of similarities besides their titles but wanted to point that out. The game has its glitchy moments and has been challenging trying to get people to us in State 430 but I am liking it so far. I hope more people try it out!
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: pattichan on January 25, 2017, 06:15:31 PM
Here is some information for anyone wanting to play with us in Last Empire War Z.....

Our Alliance is called PSC/Please Stay Calm. We are in State 430, coordinates are 430 x602 y844.
If you are not in 430, you cannot join our Alliance.  You can find out which state you are in by clicking the World icon in the bottom left, then clicking on your coordinates. The Empire/State is listed first.

When you first download the game, it automatically places you in one of many states. If you start in 430, look up our Alliance and send a message. We can send you an invite to join PSC immediately.

If you do not start in 430, it gets tricky. The game is supposed to allow a new player a free move ("teleport") to any state in the game if their account is less than 3 days old and their base is level 5 or lower.  However this newbie teleport appears to be mythical as nobody has been able to get it to work.

The best way to move to 430 is to buy their .99 cent newbie pack which comes with 2000 diamonds which happens to be the exact cost of the Advance Teleport.  This will allow you to move as long as your account is under 3 days old and your base is Level 5 or less. If by chance you are having problems, wait one day and try the move again. We have been told their servers get busy and don't allow the move right away.

You can also try deleting your game and restarting a new one with hope that you start in 430.

We have 24 people in our Alliance right now and would love to see more PSC people.
Hope you try us out!
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Agent D on February 11, 2017, 10:00:04 AM
Figure here is a good a place as any, but for anyone familiar with Magic the Gathering -- some of us have put together a PSC themed set.  We have tried to keep with stock abilities and conventions so the cards generally balance with standard cards in the official game.  A second set is in the works, granted at a bit more of a slower clip -- if interested in the second set, let us know.

There is one new ability created outside of standard rules called 'Powered' which is better explained by reviewing the cards in the set.

Anywho, been asked to share these ahere - Thanks Rai for hosting these for folks! (

Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: MongooseCalledFred on August 22, 2017, 10:41:04 AM
So, Pixel Starships is coming to Android, with a public beta out now. As a Halcyon 6 nerd, I'm planning to test the Halcyon 6-Pixel Starships connection. Anything I should know before I start if I want to meet up with PSC players?
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: Tenda Foot on August 31, 2017, 06:56:34 PM
Alright, so let's say that PSC and Pal had a baby, but it liked killing gangsters instead of zombies. Gangsters paradise is a text based rpg similar to this game back in its heyday. The censor can be turned off, so no need to censor dodge. It is also done in a HTML format(hint hint mdi for PSC 2). It is playable on android iOS and computers. Global chat, gang chat and personal messaging. Pictures and videos can also be shared in the chats.
Title: Re: For the Community.
Post by: BradleyMoore on October 07, 2018, 05:41:21 AM
Mich, for MCoC, the fights are relatively easy in the beginner chapters. It gets WAY harder as you progress.

Hey,the battles are moderately simple in the amateur parts. It gets WAY harder as you advance.
Title: For the Community
Post by: WarnerHoolf on January 14, 2019, 08:33:34 PM
I thought the SR stood for " senior "... Stew has just grown into the moniker... LOL   

Sorry Stew, best I could come up with   

G Man