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Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.6 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on Today at 11:30:21 AM »
I visited all the Xiao quest markers, but none of them had an activity. That means I have one unfinishable quest and four distracting quest markers.

Taunting bosses isn't working the way I thought it should. 5 days before the Desolator was supposed to appear, I taunted it (Task time: 4 days). The computer told me that the taunt successfully got the "chrusher" fleet to appear. The Devestator appeared (with Crushers as guards). Before it had gotten out of Chruul space, the Desolator popped up. My biggest problem: the "+5 Morale" advertised in the taunt description did not materialize. That was the whole point of pulling Inneborg out of the Dark Matter Multiplier.  ::)
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.6 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 27, 2017, 06:07:47 PM »
The Search for Xiao quest reappeared with a notification sandwiched between notifications for Zulf making materials and Inneborg making dark matter. The quest marker returned to the location I had rescued her from, then proceeded to appear at three other ruined facilities. I have not visited any of them. The quest in the quest log has the "Rescue Xiao" box ticked.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.6 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 26, 2017, 12:21:12 PM »
The only thing I know to be a bug revolves around a cloning chamber event. Too many of the crew tried to use it at once, so they got trapped. I chose to use the counselor's room. The task that appeared called itself "Provide Therapy for the O'Briens." O'Briens were never mentioned in the event, and I didn't multiply him in the first place.

Other two questions. One, are spires supposed to appear in Act II? The one that spawned behaved exactly like Act I spires. Two, aren't the Voraash supposed to talk when you return from retreating, as opposed to when you retreat the second time? (Screenshots and save available on request.)
News, Announcements, and Updates / DEV LOG: v1.3.1.5 Hot Fix and News!
« Last post by MDI_ModMax on June 24, 2017, 01:23:06 PM »
Hey folks,

Another hotfix and some news in the latest update that can be found here:

Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.5 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 23, 2017, 12:14:47 PM »
Clarification: The ship being healed was the Gallant, not the Paladin. I've just had some Young Impalers in the Chimera's Minion Fleets heal me with the Spike attack, same status effects as above. Isolde (commanding the Gallant) does have Chruul Hater, but no other traits that should be effecting this.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.4 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 19, 2017, 03:35:45 PM »
(For lurkers, yes, the Beta branch did get updated to v1.3.1.4.)

Something doesn't like Beverly Cruncher. I just lost Ibrahim Medici* due to a cadet being auto-inserted instead of Beverly. The first time I caught it. This time I didn't. For reference, she is appearing on the far right of the officer list on the map, and below the cadets when selecting an officer for ground combat. It seems to be a sorting issue.

*I had a Cloning bay ready, so I didn't really lose him. (He has a history of dying under my command. The last time it happened, I had immense trouble getting him past the Chimera.)

Prior to the hotfix, I experienced three separate instances of the Chruul healing my Paladin. All three times, the Paladin had Protective Field and Brace. The enemy had Weapons Disrupted and used the standard Chruul exploit (Chaos Cannons?). One ship was a T1 Tac, two were Engs of different tiers. The higher tiered Eng healed for 50 and one of the others healed for 30. I did not verify that the green number actually corresponded to an increase in hull. I've got screenshots of the conditions immediately after the shots if you want them.
I have some new ideas for the mod.

Announcing: Please Shoot Chruul

Story: The Chruul invade the way they normally do. After promoting your first officer, you discover a prototype time ship. It's a bit questionable whether it works and how long it will stay that way. Being a big history buff, you remember the last group to thrive in a crisis--the Survivors of the 21st century Zombie Apocalypse. Who could be better at thriving in the Chruul Apocalypse? You send the first officer to retrieve some. The officer goes back in time, rounds up all the survivors he/she can find (read: everyone who signs up to be included), and brings them back to Halcyon 6. The time ship blows up shortly after their return. You now get the basic Halcyon 6 plot, only you have a bunch of Legendary officers to start with.

Events: I'd like to go through as many events as possible and make sure that the PSC officers' traits will always trigger an extra option. For example, "Cocky" currently allows you to show cadets how to shoot a bigger hole in the wall. I don't really know how many extra options are already programmed in.

Combat: I'd leave space combat approximately the way it is. I could add new legendary powers or equipment if someone wants them. Ground combat would get the whole rework mentioned in the first post. I can try to add drinks, stims, pills, and whatever other loot people want.

Simulated Microtransactions: I can make the loot mentioned above require a new currency that gets earned through various means. Examples: complete research tasks, win ground combats, spend Materials or Dark Matter. This will only be added if the PSC players want it.

Are these dumb ideas? Should I rework them entirely? Am I a genius? Are any PSC players still lurking in these forums? Let me know below! 66% of recent posts can get lonely after a while.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.1 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 18, 2017, 04:16:03 PM »
After noticing that the tech screen refused to scroll (and managing to recenter station scrolling from a diagonal ram), I just checked my version. I'm on v1.3.1.1 (Beta 1), not v1.3.1.4. Any chance you can push a beta update with the missing hotfixes?I now know I should have switched off Beta before I started my Grand Admiral run, but I didn't know it at the time. I also just realized that the Beta version won't otherwise unlock the Hero of the Stars achievement or any of the easier ones, which defeats the point of the run.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.1 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 17, 2017, 12:48:54 PM »
After performing the first task at the Counselor's Room and waiting for the boost to time out, I got this message. No such +16 morale materialized.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: v1.3.1.1 (Beta) bugs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on June 16, 2017, 09:07:09 AM »
Ajax Moravek would like his head reattached to his shoulders. This one-pixel levitation business is getting old quickly. For reference, I'm using 1920x1080 full screen.
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