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Technical Support and Bugs / Lightspeed Bugs (v1.4.0.2)
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 20, 2017, 09:47:17 PM »
#1  If a legendary officer is recruited and the cloning chamber has not been built, the first officer to die will not trigger a replacement opportunity, despite the pop-up sending you to the Officer Academy. (This also occurs in Classic.)
#2 Advanced Training Algorithms (the last auto-promote upgrade) promotes new officers to Level 11, not Level 10. Existing officers went to 10. Sending save file by email. Three different officers all had the same thing happen.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: Lightspeed Notification Freeze
« Last post by MDI_softcookie on August 19, 2017, 09:46:16 PM »
Thanks MCF! Got your report in the inbox and logged it in.
Technical Support and Bugs / Re: Lightspeed Notification Freeze
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 19, 2017, 02:23:50 PM »
On actually repeating the process, it looks like a Chruul invasion of the Bridge may have collided with a Petty Officer getting added to a ship. The Petty Officer seems to have been the notification that was appearing when the game froze. This debunks my theory as to exactly what happened, but it still leaves the issue of colliding events from different sources.
Technical Support and Bugs / Lightspeed Notification Freeze
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 19, 2017, 12:38:57 PM »
Apparently, the Event Queue and the Notifications play well enough together when a task is repeated. (Well enough that it doesn't freeze, but not well enough that the event queue item can actually be read.) However, two notifications at the same time does seem to cause a problem. I defeated a Xlar raid fleet with my secondary fleet, then ordered it home. One officer leveled up in the fight. Just as the notification began to slide into view, the game froze. Further detective work figured out that the Crew Barracks were scheduled to finish recruiting crew at about the same time. That's why I suspect a notification conflict. I'm guessing that the conflict would not have happened if I had not started time again so soon. (It might even be a frame specific timing issue, in which case it could be impossible to replicate.) I'm emailing the most recent auto-save, the error report, and a screen capture from after the freeze.
Ten Forward / Re: [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] Lore of the Rings, Erm, Halcyons
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 18, 2017, 03:14:07 PM »
Season 4, Episode 5
*Camera zooms in on a [REDACTED].*
Location: [REDACTED]

Captain's Log, Date: [REDACTED]. Today we found a data pod from a distressed ship. The return address is New Terra, New Terran Federation. Maybe we can make a quick buck off it.

Captain's Log, Date: [REDACTED]. Those crusty Federation officials seized the data pod without paying us a thing!

Stay tuned for Season 4, Episode 6!
Since these skills act as upgrades in Halcyon 6, maybe:

Hunt - +10% damage, unlocks/upgrades a power (read: weapon) related to hunting.
Scavenge - +10% extra resources from battle, +2 evasion, unlocks/upgrades a siphon power.
Trade - +10 to the generation of points toward tasks. (Makes officer complete tasks faster.)
Healing - Upgrades/unlocks a single-ally healing power.
Dueling - Upgrades/unlocks another attack power.
Energy - Boosts speed (turns come sooner) and unlocks/upgrades a beam power.
Stamina - Boosts health and damage resistance, unlocks/upgrades a self-healing power.

Each of these would have 3 levels, with the first level unlocking the power and the higher levels upgrading the power.
Please Stay Calm Discussion / Re: Calling all Survivors! The REAL "PSC in Space"
« Last post by Agent D on August 15, 2017, 02:18:17 PM »
Well... despite supposedly being in retirement:

The base player skills were:

Hunt - Played into damage dealt against the undead, as well as accuracy to a degree from what memory tells me.
Scavenge - Bonus supplies awarded upon a successful scavenge.
Trade - Number of outposts a player could establish to get time based resources (supplies and money)
Healing - Increased the amount potentially healed per stamina spent aiding other survivors
Dueling - Bonus to duel score against other survivors during the random voodoo math calculations.
Energy - use of the in game energy restore items leveled this skill, adding to total available max energy as the level increase.  Think of it as frequent customer perk?
Stamina - same as energy, but got the stamina gauge.

I attempted to attach an old screen of my skills page for reference, we'll see if it takes.

I'd say that's your base skills to start?  If looking for more PSC 'culture' based ones -- I'd have to go do some rounds on the WordPress pages and forum posts to brush back up.  Unfortunately, I'm not a Halcyon 6 player so as far has making an intelligent recommendation on how those could integrate offhand, I'm at a loss.
Now I just need to figure out what skills and power to include. Advanced Dueling? Throw Down A Glove? (Causes confusion because the enemy has no idea what it means.) This looks like a time for the people who know what they're talking about to step in. :D
The PSC skill tree sounds cool! It'd be a nice addition and insight to other Halcyon 6 players that have never played PSC before. :)
Well, it looks like Starbase Commander won't get the full mod support, but Lightspeed will. On that note, there are some new questions. Should I make one skill tree for PSC officers? Or should I make multiple? I don't really want to simply add PSC players to the character selection for Legendary officers, but I can if that's what those who have signed up want. I could theoretically just add the new classes and characters, plus any additional non-officer related things. On the other hand, I could still try to make a Starbase Commander mod. Thoughts?
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