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Ten Forward / Re: [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] Lore of the Rings, Erm, Halcyons
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 18, 2017, 03:14:07 PM »
Season 4, Episode 5
*Camera zooms in on a [REDACTED].*
Location: [REDACTED]

Captain's Log, Date: [REDACTED]. Today we found a data pod from a distressed ship. The return address is New Terra, New Terran Federation. Maybe we can make a quick buck off it.

Captain's Log, Date: [REDACTED]. Those crusty Federation officials seized the data pod without paying us a thing!

Stay tuned for Season 4, Episode 6!
Since these skills act as upgrades in Halcyon 6, maybe:

Hunt - +10% damage, unlocks/upgrades a power (read: weapon) related to hunting.
Scavenge - +10% extra resources from battle, +2 evasion, unlocks/upgrades a siphon power.
Trade - +10 to the generation of points toward tasks. (Makes officer complete tasks faster.)
Healing - Upgrades/unlocks a single-ally healing power.
Dueling - Upgrades/unlocks another attack power.
Energy - Boosts speed (turns come sooner) and unlocks/upgrades a beam power.
Stamina - Boosts health and damage resistance, unlocks/upgrades a self-healing power.

Each of these would have 3 levels, with the first level unlocking the power and the higher levels upgrading the power.
Please Stay Calm Discussion / Re: Calling all Survivors! The REAL "PSC in Space"
« Last post by Agent D on August 15, 2017, 02:18:17 PM »
Well... despite supposedly being in retirement:

The base player skills were:

Hunt - Played into damage dealt against the undead, as well as accuracy to a degree from what memory tells me.
Scavenge - Bonus supplies awarded upon a successful scavenge.
Trade - Number of outposts a player could establish to get time based resources (supplies and money)
Healing - Increased the amount potentially healed per stamina spent aiding other survivors
Dueling - Bonus to duel score against other survivors during the random voodoo math calculations.
Energy - use of the in game energy restore items leveled this skill, adding to total available max energy as the level increase.  Think of it as frequent customer perk?
Stamina - same as energy, but got the stamina gauge.

I attempted to attach an old screen of my skills page for reference, we'll see if it takes.

I'd say that's your base skills to start?  If looking for more PSC 'culture' based ones -- I'd have to go do some rounds on the WordPress pages and forum posts to brush back up.  Unfortunately, I'm not a Halcyon 6 player so as far has making an intelligent recommendation on how those could integrate offhand, I'm at a loss.
Now I just need to figure out what skills and power to include. Advanced Dueling? Throw Down A Glove? (Causes confusion because the enemy has no idea what it means.) This looks like a time for the people who know what they're talking about to step in. :D
The PSC skill tree sounds cool! It'd be a nice addition and insight to other Halcyon 6 players that have never played PSC before. :)
Well, it looks like Starbase Commander won't get the full mod support, but Lightspeed will. On that note, there are some new questions. Should I make one skill tree for PSC officers? Or should I make multiple? I don't really want to simply add PSC players to the character selection for Legendary officers, but I can if that's what those who have signed up want. I could theoretically just add the new classes and characters, plus any additional non-officer related things. On the other hand, I could still try to make a Starbase Commander mod. Thoughts?
Please Stay Calm Discussion / Re: 7 months
« Last post by raikua on August 09, 2017, 10:30:30 AM »
Aww, Janjan.
I agree, I sorely miss PSC. And you know that I would jump on PSC 2 in an instant. But... I also realize, that's not happening anytime soon. It's a little more than the fact the code was old and expensive to run. It's also how phone apps have changed over time, and it's become next to impossible for a small indie company to compete with the bigger corporations that are pushing out phone apps now adays. That's why MDI is trying to stem away from phone apps right now.

I'm still hopeful, but I know there has to be a lot of conditions that need to change to even allow the possibility of PSC 2 to happen... and that's not happening anytime remotely soon.
Halcyon 6 Discussion / Damage Formula Theories
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 06, 2017, 04:03:41 PM »
So, over in Bug Reports, I made a post with a tentative concept of the damage formula. I've come to the conclusion that theory is untenable, so I've got a new theory.

Step 1: <Normal Min Damage> x (100% + <Source's Damage Modifiers>) = <Min Damage>
Step 2: <Normal Max Damage> x (100% + <Source's Damage Modifiers>) = <Max Damage>
Step 3: Random number between <Min Damage> and <Max Damage> = <Temp Damage 1>
Step 4: <Temp Damage 1> x <Weapon Damage Percentage> = <Temp Damage 2>
Step 5: <Temp Damage 2> x (100% - <Target Damage Resistance> [+ 100% per exploit]) = <Actual Damage>

Anyone have another suggestion? Do the devs want to tell me what it really is?

NOTE: 100% per exploit is for Starbase Commander. Lightspeed Edition provides 150%.
Ten Forward / Re: [POSSIBLE SPOILERS] Lore of the Rings, Erm, Halcyons
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 04, 2017, 06:49:57 PM »
Season 4, Episode 4
Captain's Log, Date: [REDACTED]. We have picked up some sort of organic vessels following us. They are not responding to our hails.

Captain's Log, Date: [REDACTED]. The organic vessels have attacked! We cannot hold them off much longer. If you have found this pod, please send the contents to New Terra, New Terran Federation.

Stay tuned for Season 4, Episode 5/Season 5!
Feedback and Suggestions / Re: Station Repairs
« Last post by MongooseCalledFred on August 01, 2017, 11:27:04 AM »
I use Station Repairs primarily for the final boss. I also use them for the Chimera on higher difficulties where I need more time. I don't use repairs for pirate or faction raids because I usually have something much better to do with 1500 Materials. If the prices were lower, I might drop the priority of base raids form "Drop everything that isn't also expensive" to about the same level as the facility raids. Part of the problem could be the time involved. If it's an emergency repair, it should never feel like you need an officer locked in the Repair Bay to keep you alive when a boss shows up.

Somehow, keeping your station in one piece is the only timer that you can throw money at to extend it. It might help if it was more obvious how much damage was being dealt at what rate, so you could actually plan.

What if each task repaired the same amount, but you could spend more Materials to do the task faster?
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