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Creekside Stronghold
« on: October 17, 2013, 12:08:06 PM »
It's rough out there on your own, but don't make the same mistakes that I and so many others have when first starting out. 
1) save your money and supplies vs making your own Safehouse. There are some great houses already established. Lurk in Global chat and see which one is to your liking.
2) it's a game and it's nothing personal. So don't complain in GC as first impressions last a lifetime
3) Keep your skills close to player level. Why? Hunt= you won't miss as much and you can deal out more damage. Duel= makes you less of target and you gain supplies and money when the person dueling you loses.
Just a few tips versus a cheesy recruitment advertisement. FC0F57F82 add if you need a friend.  Save up and join one of the greatest strongholds within the PSC realm. Good luck. CSFTW!!!
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Re: Creekside Stronghold
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Booyuh Jherad!
Creekside for the win!