Author Topic: What weapon would you choose in real life  (Read 11202 times)


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Re: What weapon would you choose in real life
« Reply #30 on: October 29, 2016, 03:55:21 AM »
Spear. Hard thing about melee weapons against Zombies is you have to get within bite range to use them. Spear keeps them out out of bite range and it's fairly easy to get enough momentum to bash/vault/pierce that zed down.

After that, I'd grab anything available to keep on hand. At the moment, that's only one fairly dull sword, a long bow, and a handful of semi fancy switchblades and daggers. But I'd probably grab and pack all the sharp kitchen knives for good measure.
Then try to upgrade and scavenge along the way. I'd kill to upgrade to crossbow or compound bow. Buuut that's in the distant future for now.

I had a friend who tried to convince me that the only weapon you'd need in a zombie apocalypse is "Plastic wrap." And said that when a zombie attacks them, they would "Wrap the zed's face in the plastic, then they wouldn't be able to bite anyone."  xD I'm not sold on that idea, but I wanted to mention it since no one else has.


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