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Weapon Damage Breakdown
« on: July 11, 2014, 01:26:15 PM »
We've received a lot of questions about damage types so I thought I would take a moment to quickly break it down.

Acid - > Corrosive (Super Damage)   
Bladed -> Razor   (Super Damage) -> Piercing [Bonus Damage Type - Goes Through Resistance]
Blunt -> Smash (Super Damage) -> Crushing [Bonus Damage Type - Goes Through Resistance]
Bow -> Shaft (super Damage)
Concussive -> Cacophony (Super Damage) -> Power Chord [Bonus Damage Type - Goes Through Resistance]
Cluck (Super Damage)
Explosive -> Fusillade   (Super Damage)
Fire -> Inferno (Super Damage)
Gun -> Blast (Super Damage)
Holiday -> Entitlement / Manners / Holiday Magic (Super Damage) -> Patriot [Bonus Damage Type - Goes Through Resistance]
Ice -> Blizzard (Super Damage)
Laser -> Turbo Beam (Super Damage)
Massive Damage (Super Damage)
Poison -> Scourge (Super Damage)
Radiation -> Meltdown (Super Damage)
Shock - > Lightning (Super Damage) -> Zap [Bonus Damage Type - Goes Through Resistance]
Sparkle [Bonus Damage Type - Goes Through Resistance]

Example: I'm in an assault with a Vicious Zenguin! I know that the Zeguin is weak against Shock type damage and is resistant to Ice type damage. If I attack the Zenguin with Shock OR Lightning based weapons I will do more damage.

In this example if you have two weapons with the same damage values, one Shock and one Lightning, the Lightning weapon will ALWAYS do more damage. How much more? It depends. Monster resistances very from zed to zed.

I hope this helps shed a little light on weapon damage types. :)
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