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Introducing THE DOUBLE DIP!
« on: June 26, 2015, 01:37:25 PM »
Both new and veteran survivors are already familiar with the Chosen One Perk: a special skill booster that gives you a chance to earn DOUBLE Skill XP when hunting, duelling, scavenging, or healing.

Well, we've upped the ante, survivors.

We're introducing The Double Dip: a subscription-based booster to the Chosen One perk. The Double Dip works similarly to the Chosen One in that it can double the XP earned for completing hunts, duels, heals, or scavenges, but it fires TWICE AS OFTEN. Like the Chosen One, the Double Dip stacks with the daily bonus and stims. And for the well-rounded survivor, yes: The Double Dip includes TRADER SKILL!

The Fine Print:
- You can't have the Double Dip bonus unless you've already purchased the Chosen One.
- The Double Dip is available in the Black Market and lasts for 7 days.
- The 7 day timer starts the minute you purchase the Double Dip. (It's not an item you activate from the Market)
- Like the Chosen One, the Double Dip will combine with Double XP bonus days and stims for explosive XP earnings!
- Once you've purchased the Double Dip, you'll see a countdown timer in your newsfeed with the expiration date.

Happy hunting, survivors.
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