Author Topic: Typo and more dangerous bug.  (Read 679 times)


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Typo and more dangerous bug.
« on: April 21, 2016, 08:18:33 PM »
In the intro, when it mentions the "12th fleet's return to Federation space," the apostrophe in "fleet's" is missing. More importantly, I "succeeded" in putting the game in an unresponsive state. I lost my second ship of my three when I took out the Admirax, and then struggled to get dark matter. I finally checked out a pulsar, while a Chruul fleet was heading toward it, grabbed the dark matter, and returned to base for my other ship. On fighting the Chruul, I made the mistake of targeting the strongest ship first. I knocked out the weakest ship and that strongest ship, but the last one got me. I was told that new officers would be ready for selection soon. Then it told me they were ready for selection, but when I clicked "Select Officer" or whatever the text actually was, the game froze. :P I could still hear the music. When I tried to open my browser, it wouldn't override the game's graphics. I manually closed h6.exe, and my computer was working again.

Specs: 1.7GHz Intel quad thread CPU with onboard graphics and 8 gigs of RAM (2 available to graphics) running the game at about 30-31 FPS with Steam Overlay enabled.

And I actually don't mind if I lose that progress -- I'd rather be sitting on loads of dark matter than all those materials. ::)
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