Author Topic: Dev Transmission: Live long and schedule updates  (Read 53926 times)


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Dev Transmission: Live long and schedule updates
« on: September 15, 2016, 05:09:32 PM »
[Cross posted from Steam forums]

Oh, my stars. It's been an amazing week for us and we're humbled by the reception that Halcyon 6 has received! We've been pouring over forum posts and Let's Plays and Twitch Streams and trying to take in all your feedback and commentary - and we are loving every minute of it. But, as we said in our launch post: we've only just begun...

So, what's next?

v1.0.0.2 drops this week: We'll be pushing out an update to fix the bugs you've told us about and we've squeezed in just a couple of those much-requested enhancements. Expect the update today or tomorrow along with full patch notes. And yes, you will be able to properly complete the Expand Your Fleet quest and bump the game up to 60fps. Thanks for letting us know about these folks, and thanks for your patience while we worked through them. 

In the next couple weeks, we'll be addressing some of the most requested Quality of Life fixes. There's a whole bunch of stuff on the list, but most notably:
- We will introduce an improved resource collection process in the early game (spoiler:
resource collection was always automated in the mid game, but we've heard you loud and clear - running your officers from sector to sector isn't very fun for very long)
- You'll be able to scrap rooms (in some fashion) so you won't run out of expansion space
- You'll be able to cancel activities in progress, like ships being built (with some amount of resource loss that we'll figure out soon)
- A bunch of other cool stuff!

Just a little further out on the horizon, we're planning a properly interesting content and feature update. Along with some of our Kickstarter promises, this is the update where we'll tackle one of the chief complaints we've heard about Halcyon 6: combat can feel a little boring or repetitive. We've heard you, and we've already hammering away at changes that will still ring true with the spirit of the game, but hopefully add a bit more intrigue and decision making to combat.

We are a small but ferocious team that prefers to leave our development doors wide open, so to speak. You'll be hearing from us about our progress and how all these changes and new ideas are shaping up. We welcome your feedback along the way!

Thanks again for all your support. Remain ever vigilant, comrades: The federation needs you.