Author Topic: Dev Transmission: v1.0.0.2 is live!  (Read 51468 times)


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Dev Transmission: v1.0.0.2 is live!
« on: September 16, 2016, 01:07:58 PM »
Hello explorers!

As we mentioned in our recent Dev Transmission, it's been an amazing week for us and we're humbled by the reception that Halcyon 6 has received! Our whole team has been SO excited watching all the feedback and vids and tweets and streams pop up.

But, amidst all of that, we've been working on this v1.0.0.2 patch! Let's get to the details...

What's New + Important Changes:
- Material, Dark Matter, and Crew generation activities on the starbase are now easily repeatable from the completion dialog.
- New "Lock Frame Rate" toggle in the Graphics Options.
- Chruul Mothership is now resistant to certain statuses. Mwuahaha.
- Sped up duration and resolution times for a number of animations in general, all over the place.
- Reduced the required officer rank for starbase rooms at the outer edge (**new games only).
- Added a tutorial step that clearly defines station bombardment = crew loss and crew loss = very bad news for the station. 

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
- Fixed a bug where identically-named star systems were being generated and would remain invisible.
- Fixed an overlap bug where two star systems had the same coordinates.
- Fixed a typo in the tutorial that referenced the Construct Ship button as Build Ship.
- Fixed bug with Inneborg Xiao not having any skills on arrival (**can only fix for new rescues of Xiao).
- Fixed bug with multiple Material and Dark Matter Multiplier activities conflicting with each other (*can only fix newly created multiplier rooms).
- No more Bucky Rogers clones (but that was fun while it lasted).
- Fixed a bug where ships could travel without required fuel (also fun while it lasted).
- Fixed an issue where retreating from the Mothership triggered a black screen.
- Fixed bug with random Chruul raids insta-destroying colonies on arrival or before their deadline.
- Fixed bugs with Expand The Fleet mission not resolving properly (**this fix will correct existing saves).
- Added rewards to some missions that were missing them.
- Fixed an issue where the Chruul Tac Tier 5s didn't have the right initial pre-damage sprite.
- Fixed an issue where the Zirordiax Reactor had a duplicate background.
- Fixed music de-sync'ing issues. Finally. We're pretty sure.
- Some minor text changes for clarity, along with some typo fixes.
- Faction delegations no longer turn away if a Terran fleet is stationed at Starbase.
- Sector 'Cnidus' no longer shows up before it should be revealed (being that early is just rude).

Art & Animation:
- Resolved animation issue that caused ships to (rarely but sometimes) get stuck in the middle of the screen.
- Updated/altered some animations: mostly tightening up positioning and adjusting single target and AOE animations.
- Fixed an issue where ship contruction animation was displaying the wrong ships, or not displaying them at all.

Ships/Officers & Powers:
- Increased the starting rerolls for second Officer to 2.
- End game ally faction ships have been upgraded significantly.
- Engineering Ship powers have increased Threat.
- End game ally officers can now only pilot their own faction ships.

Folks, thanks again for sharing these with us and thanks for your patience while we worked through them. Now get back out there and kick some Chruul butt!


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Re: Dev Transmission: v1.0.0.2 is live!
« Reply #1 on: September 19, 2016, 02:32:31 PM »

We've pushed out a patch today (v1.0.0.3) that corrects the Chruul mothership to its intended behaviour. It's tough, but not throw-your-keyboard-and-rage-quit tough. You can take this hotfix out for a spin with your current save.

If you want the full spoiler-y details, highlight the text below:

damage will reset if you retreat (or if your fleet gets wiped out), but only for that phase of the fight: you won't see the mothership heal back up to full health AND reset to the first phase again