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Frequently asked Questions/Survival Guide 2.0
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Survival Guide 2.0

By: Niko “MOD-Lite” Bacon
Format by: Raikua The SlowHanded

Do Stims increase skill XP gain on bonus skill days?: Stims will increase XP when used (2 or 3 times depending on the stim) on skill bonus days and these effects stack so you can earn 4x the XP on a regular stim and 6x on a turbo. These effects will apply to skilly beans, so using stims and beans together on bonus days (Ex: Slayer and Med School bonus days) will result in massive skill XP gain.

What is Fame and what does it do?: Fame is a bonus reward given to Players level 20+ for completing certain feats: Killing tough zombies (Ex: Hulkers and Devourers) healing maximum points determined by your heal level (3 times your heal level) Defeating tough or harder Players and DuelBots in duels and collecting all the items during scours. Fame has no real purpose other than a number on its own leaderboard and on each player’s profile.

I See lots of players with Golden Zombie Heads as titles, what are these?: Those are Mastery Titles, achieved from killing 2000 of a zombie in the encyclozedia (Exceptions to the 4000 “Double Mastery” on the Land Shark Zombie and the 1000 for the silver icon Meatloaf “Mini Mastery”) these are amazing hunting feats that yield many skilly bean, stim, energy drink and scratcher ticket rewards during certain intervals of the road to mastery. Rewards will vary between Event zombies (Ex: Agent, Land Shark, Tori) which yield better rewards than Wild Zombies (Ex: Paranoid, Chef, Jock)

When is the next event?: There are no longer weekly events, and we are not on a regular event schedule anymore. This was announced in the October 2015 Dev Update, the game is not dead but simply slower paced. Events are now less often but now based around Major holidays (Ex:Christmas,  Halloween,  The PSC Anniversary) and will be larger than previous events (about 2 weeks in length now) So! Stay tuned the devs will announce whenever the next one is! However there are often mini events in between such as the very frequent “Zombie of the Week” and “Throwback Thursday” which are rereleases of old event zombies giving players who are close to mastery a chance to finish and allow players who previously missed them a chance to unlock that Encyclozedia entry.

How do I get a Custom Friend Code?: In the past few years Custom friend codes were a reward for chat Moderators (people with blue names) who completed 2 years of service. But! In recent times they were offered as part of a $100 USD Credit package. And one very prolific dueler earned his as a reward for running the most gauntlets (Duel Based Event) during that event type following the first Custom Friend Code Sale.

Is there anything useful involving the trader skill?: Trader is great way to earn cash and supplies without using energy. By building outposts with one resource you’ll earn the other when you collect, having over the limit established by your trader skill will result in a slight penalty in earnings it’s a great way to earn XP since you can have up to three times your trader level in outposts. As you move up in trader levels you will unlock gold versions of some of the regular weapons that do more damage than your regular version while “pimpin’ out your armory”

What kinds of Events are there?: There are several different kinds of events, each of which focuses on a few player skills and ways to earn points to earn rewards.

•   Regular Event (Hunt/Scavenge): These are the most common featuring 1 or more Event zombies in the wild which can be hunted for points and exclusive items. They traditionally have a scavenge mission in them to earn a piece of gear (almost always an exclusive vehicle)

•   Gauntlet/Clone: Duel based event where you duel a set of 30 “Clones” of PSC players, the higher the clone you beat will result on more points. However if you don’t beat the Clone within 10 minutes your gauntlet resets and you start back at the beginning. These are tough events to do but there’s a way to make it a breeze! In tiers and from killing zombies/scavenging called “Shrivelers” which will use more Stamina but do more damage to the clones.

•   Swarm: This is a truly great and chaotic event type. You have 4 bars which correspond to 4 of the ways to earn points (Hunt Event Zombies, Scour Event Items, Heal Players and Duel Players) and once these bars are filled it will spawn a “Swarm” which is a set of 3 event zombies (There are 3 sets of 3 zombies from the total 9 the events include) that will spawn at your safehouse and allow you to and allow you to kill more than event zombie in a hunt for more than the regular hunt costs but its well worth it with the XP and Cash payout. These events are tedious but! There are Point Booster items which when used will fill portions of the task bars (that scav bar never seems to fill though lol) They share a lot with vault events in that when the swarm is killed off it disappears and you have to fill the bars to get another one.
•   Vault: Pretty much with what the name implies. Do event tasks (Hunt Event Zombies, Scour Event Items, Heal Players and Duel Players) to earn points (the number required to unlock a vault is determined by your safehouse population. So homeless players should link up in safehouses if they want to unlock Vaults or swarms) inside these vaults you’ll find locked rooms which contain buffs, varying sizes of energy drinks, baits and many other prizes! As well as feature event zombies in Recon priced hunts. Once the vault is empty you’ll have to earn points to open another.

•   Duel A Dev: These are very rare events in which dueling Developer Duel Bots (The ones with CVC in their Avatar) and winning will put you on a leaderboard to earn exclusive Dev titles and Dev mastery titles. There’s also a lottery system here where cash and supplies lost to the bots is pooled together and randomly awarded to a player who has beaten a Bot since the last time a lottery was awarded. A contributing healer to the winner of the lottery also wins a portion.

•   Raid Boss: this event type is another team based event. Its pretty simple though; Kill an event zombie and it spawns a raid boss at that location. It will give you three options to hunt the higher option you choose the more attacks you can do (1,3,5) Safehouse members can hit bosses 10 levels higher than theirs and any lower. Depending on how much damage you cause to the Boss, the Boss’s level and if you killed it you’ll earn a varying amount of points.
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