Author Topic: DEV LOG: The one about automated resource collection! v1.0.0.4 is LIVE!  (Read 54401 times)


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We meet again, space travellers...

As we mentioned on Steam, in our recent Dev Transmission and the v. patch notes, we've been one part amazed and excited about Halcyon 6's reception and one part nose to the grindstone.  In case you missed it, v1.0.0.3 was released last week, with some quick changes to the end-game.

That makes this update v1.0.0.4! Let's get to the goodies: SPACE CHORES NO MORE! While resource automation was always part of the mid-game, we hear you. It was a little later than some of you would have liked. We'd like you to meet Satellite Drones...

What's New + Important Changes:
- Introducing New Satellite Drones that can be researched, built, and deployed to automate resource gathering. (NOTE: you'll see these for saved games in Act 1 and new games only. Existing games in Act 2 will have the "old" version of automation.)
- Act 2 no longer automates resource generation, it must be established using Satellite Drones (games in Act 1 and new games only).
- You can now Upgrade a Facility's storage capacity and resource generation (new games only).

General Bug Fixes and Enhancements:
- Fixed bug with Acolyte Predator Ship Upgrade not registering after research.
- Random aliens no longer attack colonies too early in Act 1.
- Pirate Mining Fleet disappears correctly when returning to Grus.
- Alien colony rescue missions are still clearable after the Mothership appears or the faction is killed.
- Pirate base assault can no longer fire at the same time as the Admirax battle.
- If a colony is destroyed by the pirates or the Voraash instead of the Chruul, any pending rescue missions are now removed from that sector.
- Lt. Starstabber's arrival is now hinted to after killing all three pirate commanders.
- Added additional check to prevent unresponsive colony edge case if a raider fleet is destroyed at the same time as a colony rescue mission expires.
- Fixed a bug with ruined colonies not stopping time when first discovering them.
- Fixed an improper event dialogue type on the way to fighting the Admirax.

UI, Art & Animation:
- Created new animation for the tactical cloaking power.
- Fixed ground combat background that had foreground asset overlapping officers during combat.
- Fixing the speed and status effect timing of various animations (currently 39 animations affected)!
- Added new tab hot key to allow players to cycle through their fleets on the starmap.
- Quitting the game now prompts for a save.
- Upon entering ground combat, squadmates are prepopulated for convenience. #GreenShirtWorldProblems
- You can now cancel ship constructions for a full refund.
- Quick Save (F8) and Quick Load (F9)
- Fixed an issue where the artifact rooms had light peeking out above their room frame.

Quests/Missions & Economy::
- Prevented Spire from interrupting fleets passing through the sector.
- Chruul Portal Defense fleets now scale in strength.
- Expired missions clear immediately from the mission list.

Ships/Officers & Powers:
- Saving Cmdr Xiao - fixed bug with retreating from first contact, and she now gets the proper level as given by Officer Academy Upgrades.
- No more Empowered Systems effects in ground combat.
- Fixed a bug where max levelled powers would sometimes not appear in combat.
- Status effects that add up to over 100% damage reduction are now capped at 100%.
- Lowered costs for T1 and T2 Ship Upgrades.

There are some much-requested features in this one, folks and there is still more to come. Be sure to let us know your thoughts! Good luck out there, commanders.