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Campaign idea - Craft Fair
« on: October 07, 2016, 12:42:11 PM »
With resources limited for creating original content, perhaps we can "create new content" by recycling available old content?

The premise: The CVC weapons lab was raided overnight and a top secret email server containing details of weapon mod recipes was hacked. The group knows as the Anonymous Players Aliance has taken credit, threatening to release the stolen information to green zone survivors unless the CVC immediately publishes the truth behind the origins of the zombie outbreak.
The CVC secretary never got the message...

So now survivors are finding these recipes while scavenging throughout the wasteland.

The recipes are all for creating weapon mods based on dropped items found while hunting common Zombies found in the zedia.

It's a win/win: players scavenge for recipes. Players hunt zeds. And we all find a use for existing drops we are stuck with otherwise.

I've gotta think creating recipes isn't a big technical challenge? (Fingers crossed)
Interesting idea, cscott300. Difficulty isn't an automatic death sentence to a good idea. :)