Author Topic: DEV LOG: v1.1.0.0 Combat and Customization update is LIVE!  (Read 39200 times)


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DEV LOG: v1.1.0.0 Combat and Customization update is LIVE!
« on: November 09, 2016, 02:35:10 PM »
This is a big one, gang. The Combat and Customization update is here, in full release! If you've been watching the BETA, these patch notes might look familiar. Here's a peek into our thought process on this one and the list of ALL the changes in v1.1.0.0.

As a reminder, our main goals for this combat update:
- We wanted to address some of the player concerns regarding space combat, specifically the complaints about how repetitive and grindy it can get in the latter half of the game.
- Increase challenge and make combat more strategic and varied
- Reduce grind, reduce punishment for losses and mistakes
- Improve player agency, make player choices matter

To that end, we’re super stoked about the major changes you’ll see in v1.1.0.0:

Ship Customization!
You can now customize Terran starships, completely changing their power load outs to create your own unique fleet compositions
New Officer Cloning Chamber!
Clone your dead Officers and bring them back, almost as good as when they died, with the help of Crew “volunteers”
Colony Facility Rebuilding!
You can now rebuild ruined colony facilities from the View Sector screen

New + Important Changes:
- Increased the number of rerolls when selecting new officers
- Increased the resistance of certain status effects for all enemy ships and factions
- Slightly reduced the speed of Yabbling Ships
- Removed Korzan debuff when their leader is killed
- Rebalanced most Voraash ship powers, nerfed their healing powers
- Reduced the drone freighter resource loading delay from 3-5 days down to 2-3 days
- Some powerful enemies have a new armoured trait which caps the amount of damage a single attack can inflict
- Increased rate of colony resource production
- Decreased frequency of Chruul, Voraash, Pirate, and alien faction raids in Act 2
- Increased strength of Spire Defence Fleet but lowered strength of Spire Ground Defence Team
- Detailed enemy ship information is now available from the starmap
- “Not Effective” is now displayed when a status effect is resisted because of an inherent resistance
- You can now see unlocked ships and powers from the Tech Research room
- All Ship designs and powers are now unlocked once the respective Ship Hangar is built
- Some more powerful Chruul ships now have Reinforced Chitin which limits the amount of damage a single attack can do
- Some Chruul have adapted to the various alien factions and taken on their resistance abilities along with their colour
- Satellite Drones are now slightly cheaper and faster to build and deploy
- Reduced the cost of Improved Officer Education-related research tasks
- Sectors now have traits that render certain status effects and tactics more or less viable depending on fight location
- Fixed bug with Weapons Disruption not actually disrupting weapons
- Added starting skills to pirate officers
- Act 2 Pirate Raids will no longer occur if you have aligned with one of the pirate factions
- Chimera arrives with 1 less minion fleet and your chosen Pirate ally can assist in a more direct manner

All About Powers:
- New Evasive Maneuvers power, allows you to strategically pass your turn with an increase in evasion
- Weapons Disrupted now disables a random power when in effect
- Crew Panicked now has a chance of causing a random attack to be fired
- Increased Threat on Supercharge Polarity, Brace, Weapons Overloaded, Vulnerable, Exposed
- Deconstruct, Disable Countermeasures, Disruptor Beam, Crippling Shot, and Disabling Strike now have a 2 round Cooldown
- Ramming Speed, Spin Maneuver, Backstab Maneuver, and Bridge Shot no longer have a Recovery period
- All Epic powers now have a 3 round Recovery period
- Adjusted Recovery time for various powers across all officers, ships and factions
- Added Warmup time for some powers, some more powerful attacks need time to warm up at the beginning of combat before they can be used
- Rebalanced the Terran Ship prototype’s combat statistics
- Harass now has a higher chance of missing, but also a higher chance of a critical hit
- Focused Beam now has a small chance of causing Weapons Disruption
- Reduced effectiveness of Voraash Immunization and Resurrection
- All Terran ship designs now have unique resistance and vulnerability profiles, specific to that ship design line

Good luck out there, Commanders.