Author Topic: DEV LOG: v1.1.1.0 - it's about the quality of space life  (Read 37551 times)


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DEV LOG: v1.1.1.0 - it's about the quality of space life
« on: November 16, 2016, 07:40:29 PM »
Hello Intrepid Space Travellers!

The updates keep coming. After our big v1.1.0.0 Combat and Customization update last week (and a series of hotfixes over the weekend), we have another update today, all about quality of space life. Based on your reports and feedback, we've made some adjustments and changes we think you'll really dig, folks. We'd like you to meet v1.1.1.0:

Bug fixes + Enhancements
- Precursor Artifact Rooms can no longer be scrapped
- Fixed bug with difficulty extracting precursor artifacts from destroyed homeworlds
- Fixed bug with some legendary officers not being able to repeat resource generation activities
- Fixed bug with enemy attacks sometimes healing player units on Cadet and Lieutenant difficulties
- The Federation Shuttle is back! Pew-pew!
- You can now rebuild colonies that were destroyed or evacuated before v1.1.1.0
- Propulsion Lab and Repair Bay are no longer scrappable
- Fixed a bug in Cadet level where Eng ships could 'heal' from attacks while stacking damage resistances
- Fixed a bug with certain officers being un-clonable
- Fixed a bug with Chimera minions being miscounted in older save games

Art, Animations + UI
- Increased Starmap scrolling speed. Roughly doubled the speed for, both, with and without SHIFT held down.
- Fixed bug with combat effect animations appearing behind the starships
- Tweaked some power animations
- Fixed a bug with UI resource bar overlap

Ships/Officers + Powers
- Reduced Warmup times for many powers by 1 round

And a hotfix! v1.1.1.1 is live now, and it corrects an issue where, in some corner cases, players were unable to engage in battle with The Chimera.

Thanks again for your feedback, gang. Keep it coming! Have fun in spaaaace!