Author Topic: That Double Dip Perk: what a bargain!  (Read 2693 times)


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That Double Dip Perk: what a bargain!
« on: December 30, 2016, 12:37:41 PM »
Hello survivors,

As we noted in this thread, IAP for both the App Store and Play Store ended yesterday, December 29th. Some of you may still see a banner for the Double Dip and have asked if the perk is still on sale for $99 instead of its usual $2 ... No. Absolutely not. In fact, if someone tried to buy it, we expect that purchase would fail as PSC no longer supports In-App Purchases. That banner is a leftover part of yesterday's IAP shutdown that we're still working on. With the holidays, our small team is stretched as ever, but we should be able to code the changes needed to remove it soon.

Much like the unused +50 defense duel items that are getting dusty in your inventory or that alt you made one time to talk to that "girl", just consider this a relic from the PSC days of the past.

Happy hunting!
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