Author Topic: DEV LOG: V1.3.0.0 - LOOT 'EM UP!  (Read 31826 times)


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DEV LOG: V1.3.0.0 - LOOT 'EM UP!
« on: January 26, 2017, 04:48:01 PM »
Hello space travellers! It's update day for our favourite pixel galaxy and this time... there's loot.

v1.3.0.0, hot off the proverbial presses introduces an Equipment System! These consumable and non-consumable items can be found in various ways and allow for some pre-mission emergency preparation for your Starships. Micromanagers, planners, and collectors - rejoice!  Let's dig in, shall we?

What's New + Important Changes
- Starships now can be outfitted with Equipment! Some equipment can be built in the new starbase room, the Foundry and some can be found while adventuring
- Station Health replaces Crew Death upon bombardment; Station is destroyed when Station Health (no longer Crew count) reaches 0; Station Health can be repaired in the Repair Bay;
- Overkills can be executed in combat by doing excessive damage on the killing blow, which could result in an Equipment reward

Bug Fixes + Enhancements
- Fixed bug with homeworld artifact retrieval after the Chruul Lt. has been killed
- Fix for crash after ship combat when the officer is not on board
- Fixed a bug with factions not being destroyed probably after becoming extinct
- Fixed a bug with the red alert not turning off after a bombardment has been dealt with
- Fixed a bug with the Admirax quest not working properly
- Sectors now have details which display whether a colony is automated or has been upgraded
- New and improved random events while exploring the Halcyon sector
- Fixed a couple typos
- Fixed a single off pixel in the male officer avatar model that was causing a small blip

Art + Animation
- Improved Fleet Launch and Ship Management screens to accommodate equipment additions
- Fleet travel lines have been made more efficient, travelling from the selected fleet to its destination, rather than its point of origin to destination
- New Overkill animation for space combat

Mission/Quest + Economy
- Trilithium and Zirordiax Reactors now require the previous reactor tech to be unlocked
- An untold number of new random and zany travel events!

And as always, thanks for your feedback and reports, explorers. We love hearing from you! Now get out there and save humanity!

Much <3
- the Halcyon 6 team.


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Re: DEV LOG: V1.3.0.0 - LOOT 'EM UP!
« Reply #1 on: February 02, 2017, 01:47:56 PM »
As with all good updates, lo the hotfix follows. And it was good. v1.3.0.1 is available now - update at will!

Bug Fixes + Enhancement
- Fixed bug with quests not showing rewards properly
- Fixed bug with fleets being stuck when a ship is without an officer. They can now (only) return home even without a commanding officer
- Fixed bug with Korzan Zealot debate mission not clearing from the log
- Fixed bug where Chruul could raid a room under construction
- Fixed bug where Korzan artifacts would be kept if you returned to Starbase instead of directly to Onir

Animation + UI
- Clarified station health repair description
- Added additional prompts to repair the station via the Repair Bay

We're already working on v1.3.0.2 which will bring more of that hot hotfix action to the galaxy. Thanks for the reports and the feedback, Space travellers!