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Quick suggesticompilation
« on: March 19, 2017, 04:13:00 PM »
As morale dipped, I got a Crew Mutiny rating. Crew Desertion might be more accurate, if we're losing them. Mutiny sounds like they're out to murder the station commander.

Maybe some ship abilities should key off of things other than its weapon power? Like, ram attacks remaining unaffected when weapons are disrupted, but losing power or even getting locked off when the engines are down.

Torture is a really creepy name for a Fed ship power.

Maybe some buffs' stability should depend upon their source ship, not the target. Like protective field or targetting support staying functional on the other vessels unless the enemy disrupts them on the ship that cast them.

If Bucky shows up when I don't have enough crew to promote him, can he hold off on eating all of those crew for a little wihle instead of flying off to sulk?

Could we have a medical bay to give us a shot at salvaging officers and cadets that fall in ground combat, perhaps an armoury to let us tack extra attacks on our troops ground combat? Maybe one-shot medical packs for if our officers have no healing powers, or a weapons locker to have cadets get three combat powers instead of two. Maybe use the medical bay to patch fallen cadets up as cyborgs. Knowing that getting mauled by an alien might have you coming back with a glowing red eye and bionic arm might be good for morale.

Could we install defensive thingies at colonies or on the station? Like, reduce bombardment damage and morale loss to Halycon 6 by forcing raider fleets to dodge missiles. Or buying colonies more time to be rescued in a similar manner.

Could enemy officers have some officer powers of their own? Like different sorts of Chruul ship officers altering their vessel's performance and changing its power loadout.

Some officer powers are noticibly less shiny than others. Ablative field, for example, seems like a lesser version of the big protective field that any science ship can get. Maybe make it cancel debuffs, or restore a few hull points?

Could we get some means of mending ships and/or reloading once-pwe-mission powers outside of combat and away from the station? Like a colony upgrade, or in-flight maintenance systems.