Author Topic: PLEASE READ: Using 3rd Party Credit Vendors is now a BANNABLE offense.  (Read 4719 times)


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From today onwards (June 20, 2012), anyone caught buying credits from a 3rd party vendor (through Palringo or otherwise) will have their credits REMOVED and have the their account audited for possible banning from the game.

It's been determined that these 3rd Party Vendors are using stolen iTunes accounts that cause Apple to later REFUND the money back to the original account owners.  In this scenario, Massive Damage & Please Stay Calm does not receive ANY money from these transactions.  We depend on revenue to continue creating awesome content and adding more features to the game and to make future games.

Due to the misinformation and lack of information from our side to address this earlier, anyone that has used these vendors in the past are given a one time amnesty. 

Going forward, we have no option but to treat players who use 3rd party vendors the same as hackers, cheaters, exploiters.

Please pass this information on to your safehouse and stronghold members.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support as we crack down on any cheaters and exploiters in the game to keep it an even playing field for everyone.

Ken Seto (ModMax)
CEO & Co-founder
Massive Damage, Inc.