Author Topic: PSA: SPAM overload--for real bugs, post them in the Halcyon 6 Discussion  (Read 1145 times)


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For any of you who found this forum and can't/refuse to use the Steam forum, please post bug reports and technical issues in the Halcyon 6 Discussion board for visibility. Anything in this board is likely to get lost in all the spam. The last real posts were May or earlier, so you can do a search for posts before that if you're trying to find something.

EDIT: Whelp, Halcyon 6 Board is also overrun. The New Explorer Board is clear at the moment, but will probably have more spam later. The locked threads are the only guaranteed real ones. If you have an actual bug, your best bet is messaging me directly, or locating the Discord. If you have an actual post for a locked thread, message me about unlocking it.
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