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A couple ideas
« on: June 21, 2013, 07:05:05 PM »
A just had a couple ideas pop into my head.  I don't know if they're any good, but I'm going to throw them out there.

In terms of the events, there seems to be a sort of "casual player tax" in the form of inhibitors.  First, let me clarify the difference between what I think the difference between "casual player" and "hardcore player" is.  The "casual player" is someone who doesn't powergrind, boost their level, and then powergrind some more, while the "hardcore player" does.  The events force the player to choose between saving some credits and leveling up while hunting, buying the inhibitor and hunting without fear, or not hunting and losing the item up for grabs.  For the "casuals" this means spending extra money to buy both inhibitors and drinks, while the "hardcores" generally will want the xp as that is what they want and buy just drinks.  The "casual" must spend more money to play their style.  I propose that there be an option for event zombies to turn off all rewards except the rewards for the event.  You get no cash, xp, skill xp, drops, or encyclozedia items.  You only get event points and registered event kills.  This means that instead of paying to play the game according to your playstyle, you pay for the convenience of loot without xp.

I also notice that the game mechanics in general create a sort of "hardcore tax," and I have an idea for that, but I feel it would be too tall an order to fill, so I won't talk about it unless someone wants me to.

After reading that there are players that like the exclusivity of event items, and players that want to upgrade their event weapons, I thought of something.  What if the people who got the item and title the first time around had their weapons become vintage weapons and their titles become something like "The Original Whatever Title It is?"  The weapons could have unique looks that make them look amazing and could be upgraded while still being vintage, and the titles could be fancier in some way.

These ideas just kind of came to me and I just wanted to share.


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Re: A couple ideas
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